Spray Painting and Mags

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Re: Spray Painting and Mags

Postby mornecameron on Thu Apr 05, 2012 1:12 pm

PoPo wrote:you gonna squirt some sweetheart :mrgreen: -

no worries boet that is why i am gonna help you with the wrapping and laminex'ing of your ride :thumright:

selfpity is unbecoming - that is not the veedub way 8)

As for Graphics - yes i get where you coming from.... the reason why those cars look cause it's a game, you real - two different WORLDS!!!

in my lifetime i have done some pretty crazy mods to my car, and one thing that all ppl always told me is "less is more"
yeah those graphics and colour schemes will get you noticed but not really noticed in a good way - do you wanna be laughed at??? (and yes you gonna you don't care about the ridicule) but your previous post beg to differ - so let us help you, guide you, and cause we guys we will make gat of you but in the end ALL of us had to go through this to be a legend

Lol Squirt... (Yes I find this funny ask me GF im always laughing about it)

Ok cool thanks hopefully end of december I will have the car turbo'd... or supercharged.

Thanks alot for the Help Swiss has my number... PM yours ill let you guys know as soon as I get out of work in like an hour so there might be some time to get all this done before end of today. If not Ill try and complete it on saturday.

Thanks again :salut:
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