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No Sex

Postby mornecameron on Thu Dec 01, 2011 4:00 pm

A boy is telling proudly to his close friend as to what he did with his girlfriend whom he took to a hotel room for three consequtive nights.

Boy to his friend, "First day I took out her clothes waited for some time and we came back."

Friend asks him, "Only this much? Why?

Boy replies, "Because, she should not feel that I do not have courage to undress her."

Boy further tells his friend, "Second day, I undressed her and also undressed my self, and then we came back."

Friend again asked him, "Really? That's all?

Boy replies, "Yeah. Because, she should not feel that I can not control myself".

Boy further reports to his friend, "On third and last day, I undressed her, then I undressed myself, then I masturbated and we came back immediately."

Friend shockingly asks him, "No sex with her at all? Why?"

Boy replies, "Yeah. Because she should not feel that I can not manage with out her"
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