diference between 2l16v/1.8l16v and 2l8v/1.8l8v oilpump

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diference between 2l16v/1.8l16v and 2l8v/1.8l8v oilpump

Postby MARANOUX on Tue Mar 24, 2009 5:17 pm

:wink: Ok the first from the left is the 1.8l8v with small gear second is 2l8v big gear third is 1.8l 16v small gear with small driven gear and forth 2l16v big gear with big driven


Bigup off two 16vpumps see only 2l16v has diferent oil pickup.


All original parts used in foto's so clearing up all mith's off oilpumps :wink:

And pepa if you wane run 8v pump in 16v just cut distr and shaft shorter and hit welsh plug into hole so don/t leak

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