What is tp100/900 4/1window hall how to wire gotech

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What is tp100/900 4/1window hall how to wire gotech

Postby MARANOUX on Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:29 pm

Tp100 is your ignition module as by drawing,you give it power when turning ignition and then gives power to coil and then it gives power to hall sender that gives signal back and says when to fire coil,so now you have management that takes hall sender signal and ajust it to fire amount of degrees before tdc and gives back to tp100 that then fire.....coil :wink: .And tp100 gives signal to revcounter to ...rev.
ok wat the f@ck is hall sender :?: you ask.Ok it is a pickup that you give a + and - power suply and it gives out a signal when there is no steel infront of it :idea:
Imagethis is n tp900 the tp100 is the same just don't have alimunuim back and gets mounted on aluminuim but tp900 stronger than tp100 :wink:

Ok the window is the holes cut in the chopper plate that rotates in your distubutor,so when the hole pases the hall it fires the coil and you have 4 silinders so you have 4 windows so each can get fire :wink: So a 1 window distubutor only have one window and will only fire silinder number one :shock: it gets used when crank has 60-2 plate and the window is used as tdc :idea:

4 window hall

1 window aba/ady/abf hall

ok gotech wiring diagram :study: see use no tp100 and directly fires the coil :mrgreen: :thumright: :thumleft: as mrturbo and dictator does and dictator has the nasty habit of blowing tp100.
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Re: What is tp100/900 4/1window hall how to wire gotech

Postby B.:RAD_MK2 on Thu Apr 30, 2009 6:34 am

After reading this a few times, its starting to make sense now :oops:

Shot maranoux :salut:

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