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DIY Guides

Postby bored_welsh_lad on Sat Dec 27, 2008 1:12 pm

Hi, My names Dicky, im from the uk.. i recently created a thread for all the mk3 golf owners.. it lists all the DIY guides i had saved as bookmarks on my laptop.. Some of the information is generic.. so i thought id post them in here and see if they are any good to you guys

Mk3 headlight pin wiring
Mk4 headlamps in mk3
Relay/Fuse Positions
Improving Central locking Working Distance
LED Dashlight Changes
MFA Hack
Needles backlit

Front 2.0 Brakes by Dan Reed
Rear 2.0 Brakes by Dan Reed
Creating a Brake Bleeding Kit By Dan Reed
replacing ABS sensor
312mm brake upgrades

Creating Short Shifter By Dan Reed
Chrome Door Pulls By Dan Reed
Installing Air/Fuel Gauge By Dan Reed
Changing leds in switches
Removing the headling
recovering the headlining
Wet Carpets
Stock grills with aftermarket speakers
Removing Door panels
cluster needle swap
Installing Momo Steering Wheel
Replacing window Regulator
Replacing Door Catches
Removing Standard Radio

Installing a Camshaft By Dan Reed
Changing the cambelt on a 2.0
Timing up a VR6
Installing a Chip
Replacing Snapped Dipstick Mount
Checking your MAF is ok
Setting the Cable change on a VR6
Clutch and flywheel removal
Drilling your airbox
Full Tranny Change
Cam and Spring Replacement for VR6
VW Cutting out??Oil Light on??
Changing gearbox oil
PCV modifications
polishing VR6 Manifold
Installing Bleed Valve
manifold polishing
throttle body porting
Oil change
replacing the oil pump
Coilpack Repair(VR6)
Changing Fuel Filter
Porting Cylinder head
Cleaning ISV
Thermostat replacement VR6
Thermostat Replacement VR6 with pic
Draining Coolant
2.0L Basic Tuning Guide
Throttle body alignment

Installing Polybushs into lower arms by Dan Reed
Installing Coilovers in a mk3
Changing Rear beam bushes the correct way
Front suspension rebuild
Rear Shock Replacement

Painting your wheels by JeepsterUC
Wheel Bearing Replacement
Painting your wheels thread 2
The ultimate Wheel Thread/What wheels fit/What offset
wheel scuff repair

Smoothing Front Bumper
Installing bumper lip
Installing Hoodstruts
Vento/Golf front end swap
removing bumpers
headlights now blackened
Removing the vw badge on rear
Tinting your fogs
Installing Single Wiper
De-arching Gti bits
Vento conversion
OEM style badges
Flushing boot and bonnet
Fixing Saggy Doors
Replacing SideSkirts
Tinting Taillights
Textured bumpers mod
Dont have a welder?.. want to flush your boot...
Ghetto tinted fogs
Ghetto turbo conv.. haha cheap as chips
Tinted Tails
Headlamps tinted?
Beesting Aerial Seal

Etka Style Manuals
Tyre Size Calculator
Clearing Service Codes
Paint Codes
Difference in Engine mounts
Basic Turbo knowledge
german plate legalities
Creating a Switchblade key
OBDII Error Codes
Mk3 8v Gti Information thread
The mk3 Interior Thread

**Ive got tonnes to add but if anyone has any good suggestions can the pm them to me or add them to this thread and ill keep updating them**
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Re: DIY Guides

Postby AstroDubz on Mon Dec 29, 2008 8:35 am

Awesome post, thanks.

This will be very useful to the users as many of them are trying the DIY route
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